17th Annual Seacoast Half Marathon

Run through history to benefit Portsmouth NH 400

…it was a good feeling knowing that this event put $90,000 in the hands of people who need it
at the Chase Home for Children and Dover Children’s Home this year (2014).
How can you feel sad about an ending like that?

Welcome to our 2022 Beneficiary: Portsmouth NH 400!


The Seacoast Half Marathon’s tagline is “caring for the coast, one step at a time.”  Since 2006, our all-volunteer SHM organizing committee has selected a new beneficiary to receive all proceeds from that year’s event, principally a Seacoast based non-profit focused on direct human services.  The focus of the organizing committee is always on serving the most needy in the seacoast community, aiming to have as direct an impact as possible through organizations that provide food, housing, mental health, and medical support services for our neighbors in need.  This year represents a brief departure from that mission.  The  committee saw a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to the communities that have supported our mission over the years by choosing Portsmouth NH 400 to be the beneficiary of this year’s event.  It’s an organization in place to celebrate Portsmouth’s 400th anniversary through many community events throughout 2023 and this partnership provides an opportunity the Seacoast Half Marathon to recognize that we are a small part of a long history of the towns we run through, and to deepen its relationship with every community we touch and say “thank you”.

Since 2006, the Seacoast Half Marathon has donated over $1,400,000 to these

and other non-profit organizations that serve coastal New Hampshire and Maine.